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From the rising of the sun to its setting the name of the LORD is to be praised!

Psalms 113:3


It has often been said that age is nothing but a number, this is true in many

cases, but far from the truth in others. As you walk with Christ for many

years, your age becomes much more than a number. Your age hopefully directly

correlates with your maturity in Christ. As you get older and mature more,

you truly have days when the sun refuses to shine. The question here becomes

how do you handle it?


Do you allow all of the situations in your life to stand in the way of the

many other blessings that God has in store for you? Do you sit back and have

a pity party pointing out all of the things that are going wrong? Do you let

the devil in?


As we mature in Christ, we should become more seasoned Saints. This means

that we get to a point where we stop running here and there expecting

everyone to pray for us, and develop our own personal relationship with the

Father to pray for ourselves. There is very strong power in prayer. God

does hear the prayers of the righteous.

All of us have situations in our lives that we are not pleased with, the

issue becomes how do we handle them? I could spend my time worrying about

the situation or I can worship God more for the situations that He has

already worked out. Just think back to last year, you had issues then that

now seem so long ago. This is the same thing that will happen with your

current issues when you take them to the altar and leave them there.

Word of caution - If you take it to the altar, leave it there!! Wait on God

for an answer, but while you are waiting begin to focus on the positives. If

nothing else needs to be said just think about how far He has brought you. I

can't speak for anyone else, but I know all of the things that Sheila has

done, and I thank God for forgiving me.


On those cloudy days think about the days when the sun has shined brightly.

The object is to worship God in the good times and in the bad because either

way He is worthy to be praised. He woke you up this morning. He started you

on your way. He kept you from dangers seen and unseen. Need I say more?

When the sun refuses to shine, speak to the mountain that is clouding your

path and tell it to move. Cast it into the sea. Remember the sun will rise

each and every day, the question becomes will you see it with your natural

eyes or with your spiritual eyes? 

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