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Jesus Heals

A pro football player goes into a bar and orders a beer, down at the other end of the bar there was a person having a drink. The football player ask the bartender "is that who I think it is"?. The bartender said yes it's Jesus, he comes in here everyday and has a beer. In comes a Teamster truck driver, sets next to the football player and orders a drink, looks down to the end of the bar and turns to the football player and said that person sure looks like Jesus, he was told that it was. Both the football player and the truck driver decided to go over and say hello. In conversation Jesus asked them what they did for a living. The football player told Jesus he was the quarterback for a professional football team but was not playing due to a rotor cuff injury that might end his career, Jesus reached out and put his hand on the football players shoulder and said, how does it feel now. The football player picked up a can of beer and threw it across the room without any pain. He thanked Jesus. Then Jesus turned to the trucker and asked him if he had any problem, the trucker replied "don't touch me I'm on disability."

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