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"And whoever falls on this stone will be broken; but on whomever it falls, it will grind him to powder."
Matthew 21:44
Have you seen a potter with their clay? The way in which they take a small piece of clay and mold it and shape it into it's final outcome is amazing. 
But even more amazing is to see the reaction of the potter when the pottery is broken. The precision in which they use to get it to its perfect stage requires a certain level of tenderness. This is same manner in which Christ treats each of us when we come to Him in broken pieces.

When your heart has been broken in a relationship, He is standing by to mold you back into shape. He understands that there will be some imperfections in your piece of clay, but as He continues to pour into you, the less imperfections will be seen. He understands that crying may sometimes occur with a broken heart, but know that everybody who entered your life was never meant to stay. Allow Him to have your heart first and know that He will not give it to someone who doesn't deserve it.

When your heart has been broken by a family relationship, He is standing by to mold you back into shape. Jesus understands that there will be strife in families, but know that you are in that particular family for a reason.
Don't allow someone to leave earth without them knowing how you feel. It only takes a few minutes to ask God how to mend your relationships. Remember He is the potter, so allow yourself to be the clay. When your heart has been broken by a friendship, He is standing by to mold you back into shape. Jesus knows that everybody that we meet will not be our friends, but there are times when He will allow us to believe in order for us to see what friendships are not. There are times when we are hurt because of hurtful things that friends have said, but know that Jesus will never hurt you. He is the one person that you are guaranteed will never tell your secrets. So talk to Him, as you walk with Him, and allow Him to mold you.
Picking up the broken pieces can be very difficult when we try to do it 
ourselves. If we use the wisdom of God, we understand that we do not have to pick up the broken pieces of past relationships, we understand that God is potter and we are the clay. If we allow Him to mold us into the person that He wants, then those imperfections that we have disappear, as He molds us into His perfection. So stop trying to be potter and learn to be the clay and see the difference in your life when you allow Him to do the molding.

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